Making Blinds Child Safe

Children are instinctively curious, its how they learn about the world around them and what they see as the amazing discoveries around your home but have yet to understand the dangers these things pose.

Tara Blinds understands your concerns and how important it is to keep your children safe in their home environment. For this reason all blinds we supply come with a safety device thats meets all EU regulations which Tara Blinds will professionally install for you or our cordless blinds which are child safe by actual design.

Cordless Design

The safest choice, especially for a nursery or childs room is a blind that works without a cord or chain by design.

  • PerfectFit blinds have no cords at all and simply click into place on your existing windows and move up or down using a simple tab. PerfectFit is available in Roller, Venetian and Pleated.
  • Shutters are another stylish option that are inherently safe by their unique design offering ideal privacy and light control.
  • Also consider curtains, these have no requirement for a cord and come in a stylish range of colours and designs.

Child Safety Devices

For existing blinds in other rooms of your home we recommend a child safety device for all blinds that use cords or chains.

  • Cleats are used to wrap your cord or chain around and are fitted at least 1.5 meters from the floor keeping them away from small hands and curious minds.
  • Breakaway components break apart when a certain force is placed upon them but are easily reassembled by an adult.
Child Safety

Additional Tips

Your blinds will be professionally installed by a Tara Blinds technician who will also install any necessary child safety devices and demonstrate to your how they operate on the day.